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Taking the Mystery Out of Medicare

We are Medicare Health Plan Specialists offering personal information and assistance. Each person has unique needs for their health care and budget. Serving our clients’ needs is the most important thing we do. We are only a click away.

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Are you weary of the excessive Mail!  The Phone Calls!  Are you asking yourself, “How do I make sense of it all?”  We are here to cut through the weeds of information.

We have nearly 20 years’ experience in helping Montanans understand what you have, how it works, and if you are receiving all of the benefits you are eligible for.  The best part…. We live in Montana!  We are right here in case you need us.

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Let Us Help You Protect Your Assets!

Medicare was never meant to cover everything. If all you have is Original Medicare Part A and B you would owe 20% of all medical costs incurred outside the hospital. There is no cap to your costs. 

There are some insurance options that have little or no cost. These plans limit your out of pocket and will protect what you have spent your life building and saving – your assets!

Call us to find the right insurance plan that fits your needs and your budget. You will never be charged for our services, just for your insurance plan. Our consultations are always free. We are licensed Medicare health plan agents and are paid by the insurance company if you choose to enroll in a plan.

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Your Montana Medicare Experts

When you call, email or fill out an online form, we’ll schedule a personalized Medicare appointment. We are happy to meet you in person, on the phone or virtually through Zoom. We will explain the parts, pieces, costs and coverage of Medicare and the various insurance options available to you. Then we will send you home with some information to think about and discuss with your friends, family and physicians. When you’re ready, we will help you get set up with the Medicare plan that best suits your needs. We work through the difficult parts of it with you. This is not a decision we want you to rush through, so start early, take your time, think through your options, and carefully choose the best plan for you. We’ll be with you every step of the way so you’re never alone when deciding which Medicare plan is right for you.

Learn more about Gail and Bob’s background and family-focused approach to insurance on our About Us page.

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We love serving our clients across the great state of Montana. We have helped hundreds of people make a smooth transition to Medicare over the years. We look forward to guiding you through the process to find the best Medicare plan that fits your needs and build a lasting relationship in the years to come. For a no-cost, no-obligation consultation or for more information regarding our services and business, give us a call at 406-414-9950 today!



“Bob was very professional and responsive to our needs. I look forward to working with him in the future.”
– Jeff N., age 65


“You are absolutely what a person needs to help them with insurance. Gail explains everything you need to know or ask completely so that you understand. We love her.”
– Patricia A., age 65


“Gail presented a comprehensive overview of all the pertinent info in an easy to understand manner complete with lots of visuals to refer to. I find her responsive, pleasant and extremely knowledgeable. I would give her 5 stars. Thank you thank you!!”
– Kathryn R., age 65


“Gail was excellent! I appreciate the help on Medicare & insurance at this point in my life.”
– Rose W., age 80


“Bob is always ready to answer any questions and is very knowledgeable and helpful. I trust him implicitly!!”
– Deborah B., age 77


“Finding the best Medicare plan can be difficult, but Gail has been a great help. She is friendly, easy to understand, and very knowledgeable. Thanks Gail!”
– Jim F., age 65