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Medicare does not cover everything

Original Medicare (Parts A and B) were designed to provide basic medical coverage. If you rely on Medicare alone, you could come up short.

There is a Part A (Hospital) Deductible that is owed each “benefit period.” There is a per-day fee for hospitalizations lasting more than 60 days.

There is a Part B (Medical) Deductible that is owed each year plus 20% of all remaining costs incurred outside of the hospital.

These costs can add up fast!

Medicare does not cover routine dental, vision or hearing. There are additional options available to you to assist with your cost of care.

How To Cover The Expenses Medicare Doesn’t

You can get additional coverage that meets your individual needs and helps protect your finances from the rising cost of medical care.

Know your options.

When you become eligible for Medicare Parts A and B, you can choose added coverage from a private insurance company approved by Medicare:

MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT PLANS cover some of the expenses not covered by Parts A and B and do NOT include prescription coverage.

Medicare Supplement + Prescription Drug Plan

Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement plans help cover medical expenses Original Medicare doesn’t. Also referred to as “Gap” or “Medi-Gap” plans. The plan names are oftentimes confused with parts of Original Medicare as they are named alphabetically as well. Example: Plan G, Plan K, etc. Medicare Supplement plans NEVER include prescription drug coverage, so you need to add that to your insurance folder to be covered appropriately.

  • Parts A and B are administered by Medicare; your supplemental coverage is administered by your insurance company
  • Plans are available to fit a wide range of budgets and needs
  • Covers many out-of-pocket expenses
  • Plan benefits are standardized by the government (Every Plan G is identical in coverage)
  • Medicare Supplement plans never include prescription drug coverage

Prescription drug coverage (Part D)

A prescription drug plan helps lower your out-of-pocket costs for your prescriptions. If you don’t sign up for a Prescription Drug Plan when you are first eligible, you will have a Late Enrollment Penalty (LEP) assessed every month once you are able to add one.

  • Medicare Supplement plans never include prescription drug coverage
  • Most Medicare Advantage plans include Part D coverage.
  • Can be purchased separately — with or without a Medicare Supplement plan

PRESCRIPTION DRUG PLANS help pay for medications prescribed by your doctor. (also known as Part D)

MEDICARE ADVANTAGE PLANS combine coverage for Part A and Part B with added benefits and oftentimes includes prescription drug coverage. (also known as Part C)

Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C)

  • These “bundled” plans combine coverage for Part A and Part B with added benefits (also known as Part C).
  • Sometimes Medicare Advantage Plans are called “MA Plans.”
  • These plans are oftentimes an “all in one” alternative to Original Medicare.
  • They are offered by private companies approved by Medicare.
  • Many Medicare Advantage Plans include prescription drug coverage (Part D) and are referred to as “MAPD.”

Medicare Advantage plans frequently offer additional coverage for things Original Medicare doesn’t cover, such as: Vision, Hearing, Dental, Fitness Programs, Over the Counter Items and even Meal Delivery after hospitalization.

Answers to Frequent Questions About Medicare

Can I keep my doctor when I’m on Medicare?

With a Medicare Supplement plan, you can use any doctor who accepts Medicare nationwide. With a Medicare Advantage plan, you can use any doctor who participates in your plan’s network.

How do I avoid paying a Late Enrollment Penalty?

There can be late enrollment penalties on both Part B and Part D. However, if you enroll when you are first eligible you will not be penalized.

If I have coverage through my employer, do I need to sign up for Medicare?

If your coverage through your employer is deemed “creditable coverage” you can keep it. However, when you do elect to go onto Medicare you need to follow the appropriate steps to ensure you are not charged a late enrollment penalty. (Do NOT accept COBRA when you are eligible for Medicare.)

Will Medicare cover my prescription drugs?

Original Medicare (Parts A and B) does not cover prescription drugs. However, private insurance companies offer prescription drug plans (Part D) that help cover the cost of generic and brand name drugs.

Can any insurance company offer additional Medicare coverage?

No, an insurance company and its rates must be approved by the state in which it sells Medicare plans. And the plans it sells must be approved by the federal government.

When can I enroll in Medicare?

You are eligible to enroll in Medicare beginning three Months before your 65th birthday or 24 months after being deemed “disabled” by Social Security.

When will my coverage start?

If you enroll as soon as you’re eligible, your coverage typically begins first day of your birthday month.

What is IRMAA (Income Related Monthly Adjusted Amount)?

If your Modified Adjusted Gross Income is above a certain amount, you may pay more for Part B and Part D.

Dental / Hearing / Vision / Life / Travel


is helpful for anyone who has teeth. Our neighbor used to tell our kids, “you only have to brush the teeth you want to keep.” Well, you only need to insure the teeth you want to keep. Many of our clients tell us that having the insurance is the only incentive they have to go in for their check-ups every 6 months. Afterall, on most dental plans, check-ups are typically at no cost. Catching problems with your teeth early will save you a bundle. We will gladly help find the coverage right for you.


is rare, but yes, we have it! Hearing aids are not cheap! There are discounts baked in some of the plan options. In addition we have supplemental coverage that costs about $500 per year and offers $2,000 in coverage. That is a really good ratio when it comes to insurance you purchase and KNOW you will use. Give us a call for the details. It is likely you will truly appreciate the savings.


is something you can truly benefit from if you wear contacts or glasses. The monthly premiums are low and the benefits far outweigh the cost of the insurance. Call us, we will gladly walk you through the cost and coverage and how it will be of benefit to you specifically.


is vital to your family. You don’t want to saddle them with the high cost of end-of-life expenses. Life insurance is difficult to quote through email or internet. There are a lot of factors that affect rates, but we can typically offer something to just about anyone. Call us and at least find out what you may qualify for.


is health insurance while you are out of your home country. The coverage options are amazing and are recommended any time you leave home. Whether you are traveling for fun, business or school, the coverage is really amazing for the actual cost. One of our clients commented: “This health insurance covered two 70 year olds driving on the wrong side of the road on the opposite side of the planet. Made us feel secure should something happen.” Bill H. – Age 73

There is not a commitment until you pay for the policy, and you won’t be spammed. To get a quote click the link below.